Project Presentation: WP7


The WP7 covers the dissemination of information and the knowledge diffusion through the use of both the new information technologies as well as the conventional tools.

Task 7.1: Dissemination of knowledge through website
An official project website, presenting the structure and the outcomes of the work packages is realized. The website is expected to act, on a double level: provide general information on the project structure, activities and outcomes to public and provide specific technical information and space of discussion to the specialists. A web-based platform for document and information sharing in the consortium (internal website) will be set up and maintained. All the WP leaders will cooperate in the preparation of information to be disseminated through the website acting as editorial board.
A periodic electronic newsletter will be edited twice a year and circulated to public at large. An editorial board for editing the newsletter will be set up.
A communication toolkit (project presentation, logo & graphical chart, slideshow, brochure, etc.) will be elaborated.

Task 7.2: Dissemination of knowledge through workshops
An international thematic workshop on the seismic issues in Heavy Liquid Metal reactors is arranged at the end of the second year of the project (month 21), to provide an opportunity for dissemination of and feed-back on results obtained in the project. The workshop is considered as an adequate tool to promote an active information exchange among researchers, engineers, suppliers and users.
The workshop will last 2 days and a half and foresees an open session with invited lectures during the first half day and two days of technical sessions of open presentations. In the two days of open presentations, around thirty contributions are expected.

Task 7.3: Education
The task is aimed to set up No. 4 PhD thesis topics related to lead-cooled system modelling and dynamic analyses and risk analyses.
The task consists in detail in defining No. 4 PhD thesis, identifying supervisors for these theses and promoting the diffusion of the knowledge generated both facilitating the participation of the PhD students in international conferences and organizing an educational workshop at the end of the project (month 34) where PhD students participating in the programme can presents the results of their activity.
The educational workshop foresees 2 days of presentations of PhD students and researchers from all over the world plus 1 day of presentation of the activities of the PhD students involved in the task.

Task 7.4: Training
A training course of 5 days is organised at the end of the first year (month 9) in order to give a base of knowledge to deal with the issues of seismic behaviour and risk mitigation in lead cooled systems. The training course is addressed to PhD students and researchers active in the field.

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