Project Presentation: WP5


This WP is structured in five tasks dedicated to the design of auxiliary structures and components to be introduced or modified due to the isolation of the reactor systems.

Task 5.1: Study of ADS interface components
The activity is devoted to the analysis and design of the ADS components influenced by the vessel isolation, i.e. beam-line/window target.

Task 5.2: Design, manufacturing and qualification of piping and pipe joints
Suitable expansion joints to be inserted along the pipelines (and other service networks) crossing the gap between isolated and non-isolated parts of the plant are designed, manufactured and tested. These pipe joints must be able to accommodate the relative displacement during the seismic attack, with adequate safety margins.

Task 5.3: Design of the joint cover of seismic gap
The task is devoted to the design of the joint cover of the seismic gap between the LFR isolated building and the ground (or the fixed-base surrounding buildings). The joint cover shall be not only weatherproof (rain, snow and even flood) but shall also be fireproof (in case of aircraft crash, some burning fuel may reach the isolators running along the building wall) and resistant to impacts (some wreckage could hit and break the cover). These different functions may be provided by separate components.

Task 5.4: Design of the foundation and isolated slabs
The task is devoted to the design of the foundation and isolated concrete slabs, respectively below and above the isolation system, which are probably the more sensible and expensive structure to be built (together with the lateral containment wall, for the part of the plant underground, if the case). They also must include enough room and suitable accesses for inspection, maintenance and replacements of the isolators.

Task 5.5: Horizontal fail safe system
In this task the need of having an horizontal fail safe systems for both the reactor concepts is evaluated. This device is, essentially, a shock absorber which damps and limits the contact force between the base slab and the lateral wall in case of exceptional displacements. It is worth noting that this event should occur only for beyond design earthquakes having an intensity 3-4 times higher that the design value.

Task 5.6: Plant layout design solutions In this task possible plant layout solutions for minimizing the damaging effects of earthquakes and seismic-induced phenomena as tsunamis on the main structures relevant for safety are studied. Specific attention is paid to all those components relevant for the safety of the plant, outlining possible solution for protecting them, introducing barriers or enhancing safety by concentrating on specific components arrangement in the buildings.

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