Project Presentation: WP4


the WP4 activities are subdivided in the following 3 tasks:
Task 4.1: Development of the Rubber compounds
Rubber compounds are developed, characterized by equivalent viscous damping of 15% at shear strain of 100 % and frequency of 0.5 Hz, to be used for the manufacturing of the HDRBs (Task 4.2). In addition, low damping rubber compounds, characterized by higher failure limits, are developed to be used in the manufacturing of the LRBs. In fact, for these isolators the damping is provided by one or more lead cores inside the isolator (Task 4.3).

Task 4.2: High Damping Rubber Bearings
Based on the output of WP2, at least two full scale prototypes of HDRBs are designed, manufactured and tested . It is worth noting that the manufacturing (vulcanization) of large size RB is much more complex than that of small size RB, and it is expected that a feedback from the test results can induce a modification in the vulcanization process. Specific qualification tests are designed.

Task 4.3: Lead Rubber Bearings
Two full scale prototypes of LRB, based on the output of WP2, are designed, manufactured and. As for HDRBs, the vulcanization phase is quite critical. Specific qualification tests are designed.

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