Project Presentation: WP1


The WP1 groups the coordinator and Management Office (MO) activities in terms of general management of the project in particular. Specifically, WP1 covers, inter alia, the: general coordination of the consortium and maintenance of the consortium agreement; administration of project resources; elaboration and monitoring of project procedures, to define in detail the project’s internal organisation, procedures, document models, etc, in order also to address and solve efficiently potential conflicts among the project partners; ensuring that all partners share the same level of information on general issues concerning the project, i.e. contract and project management, work progress, communication, etc; reviewing of periodic reports and post-processing of the EC reviews from the consortium-side including support in the implementation of recommendations from the EC and reviewers; preparation, organisation and minutes of project management meetings (governing board and executive board meetings, external advisory board meetings): agendas, invitations, location of meeting places, organization of rooms and equipment, preparation and distribution of materials, minutes and action lists; follow-up of decisions and action plans.

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