Training Course on Seismic Issues in NPPs

The training course on Seismic Issues in NPPs has been organized in the frame of SILER Project with the aim of giving a base of knowledge to deal with the issues of seismic behavior and risk mitigation in NPPs, with particular attention to lead cooled systems. The training course was addressed to PhD students and researchers active in the field

The course was held in Verona on May 21-25th, 2012.

Programme of the course


Day 1: May 21st

Presentation of the SILER Project - S. De Grandis

ELFR, the European Lead-cooled Fast Reactor - L. Mansani

MYRRHA, the Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications - D. De Bruyn

Nuclear installations – Issues and trends in seismic hazard and fault capability evaluation - R. Figini

Day 2: May 22nd

General overview on the Gen IV Lead-cooled Fast Reactors and the new requirements for safety - C. Smith

The damaging effects of earthquakes on conventional facilities - A. Moreno

The damaging effects of earthquakes on NPPs - A. Moreno

Seismic Isolation: state of the art of applications to Nuclear Power Plants - M. Forni

IAEA programme on Fast Reactor Technology - S. Monti

Testing of large scale anti-seismic devices - G. Benzoni

Day 3: May 23rd

Anti-seismic devices - G. Castellano

Day 4: May 24th

Special issues on seismic isolation - I. Politopoulos

How to isolate a NPP - general overview - S. Diaz

How to isolate a NPP - interface components: piping joints - H. Novak

How to isolate a NPP - interface components: seismic joints - R. Gettert

How to isolate a NPP - interface components: fail safe system - A. Dusi

Testing of Interface Components - P. Pegon

Finite Element Modeling and dynamic analyses of isolated NP - F. Beltran

Fragility Analysis of isolated NPPs - F. Perotti

Day 5: May 25th

Severe accidents and seismic issues in lead-cooled systems - D. Pellini

Modeling of liquid metals and analysis of the sloshing effects - A. Gabino

Gas Entrapment and fluid-structure interaction - P. Kudinov

Economics of isolated NPPs - H. Wenzel









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