Siler International Workshop, Rome June 18-19, 2013

The latest violent earthquakes that struck Japanese nuclear power plants (in particular Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in July 2007 and Fukushima in March 2011) renewed international focus on the structural strength of nuclear facilities. This has forced the nuclear engineering community to concentrate a significant research effort in the evaluation and mitigation of risks associated to earthquakes.
The SILER thematic workshop is open to the experience of correlated research areas.
Invited lectures on specific topics strictly related with the major research issues on the seismic protection of LFR and ADS systems, alternated with presentations on several topics of general interest, for which a call for abstracts was launched earlier this year.
The workshop has been open to all experts in seismic isolation (thus not only related to GEN IV reactors) in order to exchange experience.

Agenda of the Workshop


Day 1: June 18th, 2013

Topic 1: Modelling of systems & isolators for dynamic analyses

US Status on Lead-cooled Fast Reactors and Comments on Seismic Research, C. Smith (SILER EAC) (keynote lecture)

Siting of standard design power reactors in high seismicity areas by means of seismically isolated foundations, F. Allain (EDF), V. de Cesare (ENEL), A. Poggianti (ENEA) & P. Contri (ENEL) (keynote lecture)

French experience and practice of seismically isolated nuclear facilities - part I - Main considerations, M. Connesson & S. Diaz (NUVIA), F. Allain (EDF), N. Moussalam (AREVA) & Petre Lazar (EDF)

Ductility demand for base isolated structures and equipment. Implication for design & beyond design conditions, P. Sollogoub & I. Politopoulos (SILER EAC)

Dynamic behaviour of APR1400 nuclear Power plant with base isolation system, S.R. Han, S.H. Lee, C.G. Seo & H.S. Park (KEPCO)

Modelling strategies for the generation of floor response spectra of a base isolated nuclear structure, N. Moussallam (AREVA)

The seismic fragility of the base-isolated NPP reactor building in the IRIS project, F. Perotti, M. Domaneschi (Politecnico di Milano) & S. De Grandis (SINTEC)

Seismic isolation of LFR Reactor Buildings, G. Moretti & U. Pasquali (SRS)

Advanced numerical models for elastomeric & sliding isolators, M. Kumar, M. Kumar, A. Whittaker & M. Constantinou (University of Buffalo)

Topic 2: Development, fabrication & testing of isolation systems

HDNR-Seismic Isolators, performance and historical development, H. Ahmadi (TARRC) (keynote lecture)

Elastomeric isolators for nuclear power plants, M.G. Castellano (FIP)

French experience and practice of seismically isolated nuclear facilities - part II - implementation (from fabrication to construction), M. Connesson & S. Diaz (NUVIA)

Day 2: June 19th, 2013

Topic 3: Sloshing in seismic isolated reactors

Preliminary evaluation of the Fluid-Structure Interaction effects in a LFR, R. Lo Frano & G. Forasassi (University of PISA)

Parametric study of sloshing in the primary system of an isolated LFR, M. Jeltsov, W. Villanueva & P. Kudinov (KTH)

Sloshing effects in LFR systems, G. Barrera (CIEMAT), P. Dinoi, J. Cercós & L. González (UPM), F. Beltrán & A. Moreno (IDOM)

Topic 4: Design guideline & economics for seismic isolated systems

The Non-inclusion of HDNR by USNRC, J. Kelly (UC Berkeley) (keynote lecture)

The new performance oriented European standard EN15129-Anti seismic devices, R. Medeot (CEN-TC)

Guidance for the seismic isolation design of nuclear structures, A. Whittaker (University of Buffalo), A. Kammerer (US NRC), M. Constantinou (University of Buffalo) & M. Salmon (Los Alamos)

Topic 5: Interconnection systems for seismic isolated systems

Seismic isolation of reactor assembly for a fixed base ADS reactor building, B. Yoo & D. De Bruyn (SCK•CEN)

Development of Pipe Expansion Joint for isolated LFR/ADS, H. Nowak (BOA)

Development of Fail Safe system for isolated LFR & ADS, A. Poggianti (ENEA)









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